2015 TJeD Mom Retreat

Thank you for your interest in this years mom retreat. Unfortunately,  this year has proven to be a very busy year for myself and others on my team. We have decided to not host a retreat his year.


It is time for the  
2014 TJed Fall Mother's Retreat!
This is our 5th year of gathering women together who are aspiring to a Liber education.  Women who are seeking to have a world class education for themselves, their family, and their community.

We are thrilled to announce our theme for this year.

Be not afraid, only believe.
Mark 5:36

To be held
  September 26-27

We know that “believing requires action. If you prepare to walk down the path of life, you can be rewarded beyond your dreams and expectations. But to achieve this, you must work very hard, save, be wise, and be alert…. Action is inhibited by fear... You rightly have concerns about measuring up and finding your place in life...We can overcome all of our fears, not all at once, but one at a time. As we do so we will grow in confidence.” **James E. Faust Oct 1997 Ensign

This fall come closer to God, learn how to strengthen relationships with our family, and seek out knowledge that can further our personal mission.
Who is this retreat for?
This retreat is for Mothers and Mother figures who are seeking a Liber education for themselves, their family, and their community. Attendees do not have to live in Southern Utah.  Nursing babies in arms are also welcome with their mother.

Why a retreat? What can I gain from it?
Gathering with women who have similar goals, vision, and like-mindedness can be empowering and validating. Often times,  a change in scenery-even for a short amount of time, can help you find the inspiration being sought.

The journey to become Liber is a cycle that encompass the search for truth as well as the application of that truth. This retreat can be a lighthouse in your journey in becoming Liber.  Seize this opportunity to revitalize your spirit and gain clarity on questions you may have.

 We will provide the environment to help you find the inspiration you need. Your stay will include a night's lodging and three meals. Enjoy friends, inspiring presenters, great food, a sunrise journaling experience, and a beautiful cabin. 
At the 2012 retreat we were surprised with a light blanket of snow.
 How to prepare?
We will have a colloquium for the book "A Lantern in Her Hand"  by Please read this book prior to coming and bring insights that you gain. (free online book-there is also the back story to the book found here)

"Love is like a light that you carry. At first childish happiness keeps it lighted and after that romance. Then motherhood lights it and then duty...and maybe after that sorrow. You wouldn't think that sorrow could be a light would you, dearie? But it can. And then after that, service lights it. Yes...I think that is what love is to a woman... a lantern in her hand."--Abbie Deal in A Lantern in Her Hand.

We are also asking that everyone be familiar with the principles taught in the book 
A Thomas Jefferson Education by Dr. Oliver Demille . 

Where is it to be held?

We will gather in beautiful Southern Utah near Brian Head Ski Resort.

2010 Southern Utah Retreat
What have others said about the retreat? 
" I have absolutely loved this Women's Retreat. Both years have been unique and amazing experiences. I loved the opportunity to work with such amazing women.  There were painful moments where I really had to look inside myself and choose to grow.  There were fun and relaxing moments.  I have learned and been uplifted.  Most of all I have felt a wonderful kindred closeness with the other women and returned home more prepared and more ready to move forward in all the many things that I am called to do." -Mari

This year our keynote address will be given by 
the lovely Nicholeen Peck. 

Nicholeen Peck is the mother of four and previous foster parent of many difficult and troubled teens. The Peck family's success with these difficult children was based upon calmness, the principles of self- government, and good communication. She has been teaching people around the world the principles of Self-Government since 1999. She has done Self-Government teaching tours in the United Kingdom and China. In 2009, Nicholeen and her family were featured in a one hour BBC documentary about parenting. She has appeared on various news shows and radio programs to discuss effective parenting. She is a popular public speaker, author of the books, Parenting a House United, Londyn LaRae Says Okay, Porter Earns A Quarter, Big Win For Quin, many magazine articles, and a blog called http://TeachingSelfGovernment.com

Registration is now open!

How to register? 

There are two steps. Finish them both to secure your place

FIRST: Send an e-mail with your Name, address, phone number  and form of payment to btasutton@gmail.com or katyhymas@msn.com.
SECOND:Send in your payment by either paypal (the "Buy Now" links throughout the page) or postal mail (address is below.)

Registration for this fabulous event is only $60 per person.  

Have a group coming? 
Register 5 and the 6th person is free! Email for more information. This special rate will end on August 30th.

When your payment is received, you will receive an email from us confirming if your place is secure. 

You may either mail a check or money order to

Bonita Sutton
325 W 500 N
LaVerkin, UT 84745 

You may also paypal your payment by using any of the "Buy Now" buttons on the page.

 **Please be aware that the beds are queen or full size and will need to be shared. You are welcome to bring a sleeping bag and sleeping mat if you would rather.** 

By registering, you are agreeing to do the preparatory readings for the retreat (see above).
Space is Limited!! 

After registering, you will be placed on an e-mail list that will receive updates on who is presenting, maps to the lodge, and any other information that you may need or that we may need from you!

God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind. 2 Timothy 1:7-8